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Skin Bleaching

There’s more than one cause of skin discoloration. Fortunately, bleaching remains the same regardless of source of the darkness. The good news for treating blotchy skin discoloration is that regardless of the cause; be it due to old acne, bug bites, skin trauma, underarm irritation, sun damage (such as freckles, “liver spots) or hormonal reasons (melasma); your bleaching basics remain the same.

Bear Wax can apply a skin lightening cream to progressively lighten certain skin areas. This is a treatment that is gradual and cannot be attained all at once. For it to work, it needs to be applied over multiple sessions. Also, your skin will grow back to it’s natural color, so it is not  permanent. But for those who have areas that they need lightened it does work.

Taking care of one’s skin is essential in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The skin is the largest organ on the human body. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot control certain aspects of skin care such as skin tone, the development of dark spots including age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmented areas, and Melasma as well as the onset of freckles, and moles.


6-Steps to Perfection

Bear Wax has it’s own line of Men’s Skin Care Products called the 6-Steps to Perfection System.

Bear Wax has designed a full complement of skin care products for men that are easy to use, great for sensitive skin, and packaged in containers that look great in a man’s bathroom.

The Bear Wax skin care products can only be purchased in our studio.

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